Emotional Intelligence. Your Path Forward.


Inspire Growth & Success

Let’s face it! Management is hard work! You’re expected to always have a solution or an answer to every question. You experience pressure to consistently drive results. You’re tired and stressed, putting in extra hours but feeling like you’ve barely made a dent in the work.

And on top of those responsibilities, you’re also asked to rally your team. You sometimes think, I don’t have the time or energy for that. But you do!


the Path Forward

We all have a starting point. Pick yours below to learn more about the coaching services I offer:



This path is for teams who need to quickly become collaborative, innovative, productive and high-performing and teams who could benefit from learning how to manage conflict, build trust and communicate more effectively with one another.


Leading Yourself

This path is for managers looking to increase self-awareness, improve interpersonal skills, communicate more effectively and build influence. 


Leading Others

This path is for managers who want to establish trust, effectively coach, increase engagement, motivate their teams and lead innovative thinking


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