As an emotional intelligence coach, I view coaching through a neuroscience lens; helping my clients use emotional information and energetic cues to set them on a path to personal and professional discovery. 


As an ICF (International Coach Federation) coach, I partner with you to:


1. Understand Your Goal

Together, we define what a successful outcome looks like and what you want to be different in the future. Coaching engagements often begin with a need that surfaces based on symptoms. It may take several conversations to move beyond symptoms to the root cause. Often, you may not be consciously aware of what is really standing in your way…the coaching process helps bring this into awareness.  


2. Assess, Explore and Discover Your Situation

As your coach, it’s important that I create a safe, supportive environment that produces ongoing mutual respect and trust and encourages exploration. 

I use assessments to help you reflect and gain self-awareness about where you are now and where you want to be. Assessments can reveal how you’re thinking about yourself and others, and reveal potential blind-spots. Strengths, conscious or unconscious thought patterns and paradigms are explored. Unspoken values and personal needs surface. Exploration involves asking you empowering questions and helping you determine what’s working for, or against you in achieving your goals.  During discovery, perspectives begin to shift as emotional reactions, thoughts, assumptions, interpretations are questioned from a positive and supportive framework. Through this coaching process, you discover new insights and generate options and ideas. 


3. Put Forth an Action Plan

I’ll work with you to set goals and define a course of action. I’m a big believer in micro-goals (small, bite-size, achievable mini-goals) due to their proven success in changing behavior. Action plans contain short-term, achievable micro-goals and longer term, visionary, aspirational macro goals.


4. Keep the Momentum 

As you begin to achieve your micro goals, momentum, energy and confidence build and as new behaviors and actions result in success, higher performance and greater personal and professional effectiveness.