Leading Yourself


This path is for managers looking to increase self-awareness, improve interpersonal skills, communicate more effectively and build influence. 


Clifton StrengthsFinders®

Discover how the CliftonStrengths assessment empowers organizations and managers to succeed. Learn how to develop your greatest talents and use your customized results to help you and your team accomplish great things, no matter the situation. 


Energy Leadership Stress Index®

This one-of-a-kind leadership assessment enables you to hold up a mirror to your perceptions, attitudes, behaviors, and overall leadership energy. It is an attitudinal assessment, which is based on an energy/stress/action model. This assessment differs from personality assessments. It’s not intended to label you. Instead, it measures your level of energy based on your resilience, attitude and perception and current levels of stress. Because attitude is subjective, it can be altered. By working with me, a Master Certified E.L.I. coach, you can alter your attitude and perspective as you increase your energy, resilience and leadership effectiveness. 


Based on the extensive research of psychologist Dr. Reuven Bar-On, this skills-based psychometric assessment focuses on developing authenticity, coaching, visioning and innovation with special attention to leadership de-railers as well as EI strategies to reach true leadership potential. Your results are compared against those of top leaders, creating a benchmark for exceptional EI performance.  


Everything DiSC for Managers®

Managers learn how to read the styles of the people they manage. The result is managers who adapt their styles to manage more effectively. Everything DiSC Management focuses on:  

  • Your DiSC Management Style

  • Directing and Delegating

  • Improving Employee Motivation

  • Employee Development

  • Working with Your Manager

Learn more here: everythingdisc.com/theeicoach

Experience The Transformation for Yourself.